September 24, 2024 in Duisburg

BioLC Workshop: Separation &
detection methods

Advanced separation and detection techniques in antibody and protein/peptide analysis - theory and practice, organised by YMC Europe and IUTA e.V.

YMC Accura BioPro IEX

Bioinert coated IEX columns

Exceptional high recoveries and very sharp peaks without column preconditioning. Ideal choice for high resolution LC/MS analyses.

YMC HT Glass Columns

NEW: Glass columns for high temperature application

MacroSep IEX Q

New resin for the purification of large biomolecules

YMC Accura Triart

Bioinert (U)HPLC columns

Great peak shapes with high sensitivities and excellent recoveries without column preconditioning, due to new surface coated hardware.


A leading specialist supplier

Chromatographic solutions for any compound

YMC offers a wide range of innovative chromatography products, which includes UHPLC/HPLC columns (YMC-Triart), BioLC columns (e.g. YMC-SEC MAB, BioPro IEX/HIC), chiral columns (immobilised/coated CHIRAL ART), bulk media for preparative chromatography, glass columns for MPLC and pilot columns. In addition, YMC provides an on-demand service for application support and method development.

This product range, developed and engineered in YMC facilities, is available worldwide supported by dedicated YMC product specialists. YMC’s extensive distribution network guarantees availability of all YMC products in countries all over the world.

Individual seminars and trainings are available either in the facilities in Dinslaken or at customer’s site.

In our expertise area, we have compiled extensive knowledge and supporting digital services for you. Use our extensive knowledge database and the numerous calculators of our expertise portal.

Laboratory service

Rely on YMC lab services!

Are you thinking of outsourcing your project? Or do you require technical support?

You can rely on YMC’s expertise and make use of our lab services in the fields of analytical and preparative chromatography:

  • Method development and phase screening selection for achiral and chiral compounds
  • Custom purification up to multi kg scale

  • Glass columns prepacked with the resin of your choice
  • Seminars and virtual trainings

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Online presentations: Experience us live

In our online presentations, we pass on our expert knowledge to you and answer all your questions. Book an online presentation on a specific topic and meet us live.

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Downloads: Our expert library

Our download area offers a wide range of knowledge about our products. Discover our extensive expert database with many informative downloads.

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