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Method Development and Phase Screening

The demands on analytical chromatographic methods are manifold: the methods have to be valid, robust and fast with high sensitivity be gentle on hardware and columns. All these items have to be taken in account when a new method has to be established, which is often planned to be used for a product’s lifetime, probably for a decade of lasting quality control.

Any subsequent change to these processes can be very time-consuming and laborious especially when a revalidation becomes necessary. Therefore, various customers have decided to buy-in such services from YMC, where dedicated systems ensure a professional and economical approach.

Customers benefit from our excellent possibilities in respect to human resources, lab equipment and of course available stationary phases.


We offer a range of solutions including

  • Phase Screening
  • Generating a new analytical method
  • Optimising an existent method
  • Converting a method to an LC/MS compatible mobile phase composition
  • Determining the feasibility for trace analysis of one or more substances

When developing preparative methods, the focus is shifts to include aspects such as loadability, eluent consumption and cycle time, which greatly influence the economic efficiency of a process.

  • Generating a new preparative method
  • Transfer of an analytical method via scale-up
  • Optimising an existent method
  • Loadability studies

Some of these topics may be linked to another service, such as generating a new method for the separation of a degradation product with subsequent preparative isolation of this compound.

A high degree of interactivity with the customer ensures a project’s progress is team based. Complex tasks are always broken down into steps and every project step is individually discussed with the customer.

All operations with regard to your application are of course well documented according to GLP/ISO9001 standards and will be made available to in a report. As we are familiar with the demands of our customers, we assure absolute confidentiality.

For further details on secrecy agreements and/or quotations, please contact us.

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