Preparative LC

Preparative LC

Pre-packed Columns

Our Pre-packed Columns offer you various possibilities in the field of chromatography, for example with our semi-preparative HPLC colums. Discover our Pre-packed Columns.

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Guide to Preparative Liquid Chromatography:
Explanation of key terms in preparative LC

Preparative Liquid Chromatography (preparative LC) is essential for purifying and isolating large quantities of compounds. This technique is crucial in both research and industrial applications, ensuring the production of highly pure substances. YMC Europe offers an extensive range of products and solutions to meet these needs, ensuring high-quality results in every purification process.

Understanding Stationary Phases

Stationary phases are the core of any chromatographic process. At YMC, we provide a variety of stationary phases including RP phase, NP phase, HILIC phase, and ion exchange resins. These materials are critical for achieving the desired separation and purity of samples.

  • Reverse Phase HPLC Stationary Phase: Ideal for separating non-polar to moderately polar compounds.

  • Normal Phase HPLC Stationary Phase: Best for polar compounds.

  • HILIC Phase: Suitable for highly polar analytes.

  • Ion Exchange Media and Resins (IEX Resins): For separations based on charge.

Columns and Packaging

The choice of columns and packing materials significantly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of the purification process. YMC offers prepacked and custom packing options:

  • Prepacked Columns and Chromatography Columns: Convenient, reliable, and ready to use, ensuring consistent results.

  • Preparative Columns: Crucial for high-volume processes, designed to handle substantial substance quantities.

  • Column Packing Material and Bulk Media: Provides the flexibility for custom setups, crucial for unique chromatographic needs.

Semi-Preparative HPLC

For applications requiring intermediate production scales, semi-preparative HPLC offers an efficient solution. This technique allows for the separation of larger sample quantities compared to analytical HPLC.

  • Semi-Preparative HPLC Columns: Bridge the gap between analytical and preparative scales, allowing larger sample processing.

  • Preparative HPLC Columns and Systems: Optimized for maximum purity and yield in large-scale applications, featuring comprehensive systems for extensive purification needs.

Chromatography Media

Exploring various chromatography media is essential for specific needs. YMC provides an extensive range of chromatography media, including RP phase, NP phase, and specialized resins.

  • RP Phase: Widely used for reversed-phase separations.

  • NP Phase: Commonly used for normal-phase separations.

  • Chromatography Resins: Synthetic polymers for specialized separations.

  • Bulk Media: Suitable for large-scale operations and custom packing.

  • Column Packing Materials: Ensuring flexibility in customizing your chromatography setup.

Preparative HPLC Systems

YMC offers comprehensive preparative liquid chromatography systems designed for high-volume purifications. These systems are tailored to meet the demands of various purification processes.

  • Preparative Liquid Chromatography System: A complete solution for extensive purification needs.

  • Purification Systems: Covering a wide range of applications and volumes, ensuring efficient and effective purification.

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