Preparative Stationary Phases

Preparative Stationary Phases

pH Stable RP Stationary Phases

With YMC-Triart Prep, pH stable preparative HPLC stationary phases are available for industrial-scale applications. Discover our pH stable stationary phases.

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RP Stationary Phases

YMC offers a wide range of different RP stationary phases for the separation of small molecules, sugars, peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins and many more. Discover our YMC*Gel HG-series and YMC-Triart Prep phases.

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NP Stationary Phases

YMC offers various NP stationary phases for preparative purifications, based on different modifications. The use of high performance stationary phases improves the separation efficiency, among others. Discover more.

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Ion Exchange Resins

BioPro IEX, BioPro IEX SmartSep and MacroSep IEX Q ion exchange resins are specifically designed for biochromatography. Discover our ion exchange medium series.

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Chiral Stationary Phases (NP/RP/SFC/SMB)

Preparative scale CHIRAL ART stationary phases are available as pre-packed columns and also as bulk material for the packing in dynamic axial compression (DAC) columns. Discover our chiral stationary phases.

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Bulk Chromatography Media for High-Scale Operations

YMC Europe offers a comprehensive range of bulk chromatography media, ideal for large-scale operations and customized applications. Our high-quality materials ensure excellent separation and purity of your samples. Whether you need RP phase, NP phase, HILIC phase, or ion exchange resins, we have the right solution for you.

What are stationary phases?

Stationary phases are crucial for the efficiency and effectiveness of your separation processes. With our custom packing solutions, you can meet your specific requirements and achieve optimal results.

Types of stationary phases

Stationary phases in chromatography are critical for the selective separation of compounds based on their chemical properties. Here's a closer look at the types YMC offers:

  • RP Phase:
    Perfect for reversed-phase separations, offering a flexible choice for purifying everything from small molecules to proteins with different pore sizes and modifications.

  • NP Phase:
    Ideal for normal phase chromatography, uses high-purity, spherical silica material for peak performance and excellent reproducibility.

  • HILIC Phase:
    Excellent for highly polar analytes, provides effective separation in aqueous mobile phases.

  • Ion Exchange Resins:
    Offer outstanding charge-based separations, ideal for purifying biomolecules with high efficiency under varying flow conditions.

  • Chiral Phase:
    Ideal for the separation of chiral compounds, especially for preparative applications that require high selectivity and purity.

  • pH-stable RP Phase:
    Developed for outstanding stability up to pH 10, enables robust separations in extended pH ranges.

Custom packing solutions

Our column packing material and bulk media offer the flexibility to customize your chromatography setups. This is particularly important for unique and specialized separations. YMC’s custom packing solutions guarantee the best performance.

Benefits of stationary phases

The right stationary phase can significantly improve the efficiency and results of your chromatographic processes. Discover the many benefits:

  • High Purity: Ensuring highly pure substances.

  • Scalability: Suitable for large-scale operations.

  • Flexibility: Adaptation to specific requirements.

  • Efficiency: Optimized separation processes.

For detailed information and personalized advice, YMC Europe is here to assist you. Contact us to find the optimal solution for your needs.

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