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YMC ChromaCon

Continuous Chromatography by YMC ChromaCon

YMC ChromaCon is a leader in continuous chromatography with focus on scalable chromatography processes and systems for the purification of oligonucleotides, peptides and biologics.

As a Life Science tool company they develop and commercialize proprietary chromatographic process technology. As part of the YMC group of companies, ChromaCon offers an integrated approach toward chromatographic process development and production system and tools.

The close cooperation with YMC Europe and other YMC subsidiaries enables to provide fast and convenient solutions for chromatography users. The availability of glass columns and bulk media at YMC Europe allows the establishment of a chromatographic process using ChromaCon's chromatography systems in a smooth and easy way.


As specialists in continuous chromatography they offer:

  • Proprietary twin-column purification processes for more efficient manufacturing of peptides, oligonucleotides, mAbs and proteins
  • Twin-column chromatography systems for process development and GMP scale manufacturing
  • Expert feasibility, development and modelling services

YMC ChromaCon offers

  • MCSGP: Continuous chromatography with automated side-cut recycling
  • CaptureSMB: Continuous capture chromatography for maximum resin utilisation
  • N-Rich: Automated enrichment and purification of impurities
  • Contichrom Systems: Contichrom CUBE & Contichrom TWIN

Contichrom CUBE for MCSGP

The Contichrom CUBE is a twin-column lab-scale process development system specialized for MCSGP (Multi-column Counter-current Solvent Gradient Purification)

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Contichrom CUBE for CaptureSMB

ChromaCon has developed an optimised twin-column periodic CounterCurrent process (CaptureSMB) using the Contichrom CUBE.


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Contichrom CUBE for N-Rich

N-Rich is a twin-column cyclical enrichment process run by the Contichrom CUBE that can automate the process of impurity enrichment and purification.


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Lab and GMP scale systems - Contichrom CUBE and TWIN

Twin-column chromatography systems for lab scale (Contichrom CUBE) and GMP scale (Contichrom TWIN).

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