Corporate Information

Over the years, YMC constantly has increased its international exposure to innovative marketplaces. Products and services have matured to a level of world-wide recognition, specifically in the area of pharmaceutical and biotech compounds, where YMC is one of the few companies to fully support normal phase and reversed phase chromatography techniques from analytical to process scale, throughout the entire lifetime of a compound from R&D to scale-up, production and Quality Control. Substantial investments into facilities and staff represent YMC’s ongoing commitment towards high quality products and technical support: in Komatsu/Japan, new premises provide equipment for professional industrial-scale custom purification services, for example, and organic synthesis facilities under GMP-conditions, where applicable.

Chromatography Division

The presence of a qualified and dedicated support network ensures not only worldwide availability of products, but also the ability to provide meaningful practical assistance with regard to method development, method transfer and method validation – locally, personally and efficiently. It is not only product specifications that represent YMC quality, but the perceived ethical values of having people happily provide competent and consistent performance together with guaranteed reliability even for the difficult and demanding separations – day after day, year after year.
The European network consists of highly focused product specialist teams, based near Düsseldorf in Germany, to provide active support for chromatographers and local representatives or distributors; extensive inventory ensures speedy supply of product.

Mission Statement

As a mission statement, it is our ambition to provide chromatographic solutions for any compound from its discovery through scaling-up into production and its final quality control in the lab. Whether random R&D, combinatorial chemistry or high-throughput screening, LC-MS, automation, capillary columns with high sensitivity or process-scale engineering: YMC can be relied upon to provide positive support, chromatographic tools and assistance.

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