YMC Accura BioPro IEX

Bioinert Coated IEX Columns

For High Accuracy and Recovery

YMC Accura BioPro IEX:
Bioinert Coated Columns

The new bioinert coated YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns ensure exceptionally high recoveries. They provide very sharp peaks with high sensitivities due to an efficient bioinert surface coating of the column body and frits. YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns are the first choice for high resolution analysis of oligonucleotides, antibodies, and proteins - especially when coupled with mass spectrometry. Their non-porous hydrophilic polymer beads enable high efficiencies and high throughput. The superior lot-to-lot reproducibility guarantees highly reliable results.


Exceptionally high recoveries without preconditioning
Very sharp peak shapes with high sensitivities
Superior reproducibility and no carry-over effects
High efficiency and rapid throughput analyses
• New rigid surface coated hardware

Ideal choice for

  • Oligonucleotides
  • Nucleotides
  • Antibodies
  • Proteins and peptides
  • Sensitive LC/MS analyses

Available phases are:

Sharp peaks and reliable recovery

Oligonucleotides (here: 21mer RNA) generally exhibit poor peak shapes and therefore low recovery in AEX analysis, mainly due to adsorption onto the column hardware. YMC Accura BioPro IEX QF columns provide high recovery and very good peak shapes making them ideal for these analyses with reproducible results. The columns show stable peak areas from the 1st injection, so that no preconditioning is required.

No preconditioning required for reliable results

The high inertness of YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns requires no preconditioning in CEX analyses (here: bevacizumab). Especially at low loading amounts, YMC Accura BioPro IEX SF columns provide higher recoveries compared to the standard PEEK column.




Ideally suited for native IEX-MS

Smaller column inner diameters that allow lower flow rates and volatile mobile phases are necessities for coupling to mass detection. Such high sensitivity analyses are ideally performed using YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns (here: trastuzumab). Another positive effect is the decreased solvent consumption and lower amount of sample required.


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