Prepacked Glass Columns

Prepacked Glass Columns for Efficient Chromatography

Working under tight schedules or lack the expertise in packing glass columns efficiently? YMC offers a straightforward solution with our prepacked glass columns. Leverage our extensive experience in column packing to benefit your chromatography projects. Our prepacked columns are designed to save you time and enhance your lab's efficiency, providing high-quality results for all your chromatographic needs.

Your Benefits

  • Reliable YMC Technology
  • Customization Options
  • Specifications Tailored to Individual Requirements
  • Resin and Stationary Phase Flexibility
  • Refilling Service Available
  • Adapted to Specific Needs
  • New Glass Columns and Refilling of Used Columns
  • Stationary Phases from YMC or Other Suppliers


Service Overview

Glass columns in standard and custom dimensions

Depending on your required bed length, you can choose a column from our standard portfolio. If you can’t find a suitable standard product, we will gladly discuss with you about a customized column.

New glass columns and refill of your used column

You need to refill your existing column? This service includes changing of frits and a quality control for the glass column, if desired.


Stationary phases manufactured by YMC or by other stationary phase producers

Your method is restricted to the use of a certain stationary phase? Of course, we can pack your glass column according to your needs, using stationary phases manufactured either by YMC or by any other producer.


How It Works in 5 Steps


Step 1

Define Your Needs

Tell us your requirements for glass column hardware, stationary phase, packing parameters (e.g. bed length) and column performance.

Step 2

Get Your Quote

Based on your needs, you'll receive a quotation with prices for column hardware, bulk material, consumables and work.

Step 3

Quality Packing

Packing follows routine procedures, with subsequent testing to confirm required column performance. SOPs and our expertise ensure the highest quality.

Step 4

Column Release

The column is released according to agreed requirements.

Step 5

Safe Shipping

Packaging according to SOPs guarantees that your column will be shipped safely to your laboratory.


Glass Column Packing Service

Discover the ease and efficiency of YMC's prepacked glass columns with our packing service flyer. Learn how our service can streamline your chromatography workflow.

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