YMC E-Journal Januar 2022

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UHPLC analysis of cyclic peptides using LC/MS compatible conditions

Get to know the significant advantages of YMC-Triart Bio C4! This new application note shows why this stationary phase is the ideal choice for the analysis of cyclic peptides.
These compounds are highly valuable drug candidates since their cyclic ring structure provides various advantages over their linear counterpart. This is the reason why they are increasingly becoming the focus in biopharmaceutical research.In this application note, you will discover the benefits of using an UHPLC YMC-Triart Bio C4 column for the analysis of the cyclic peptides polymyxin B sulfate, bacitracin, daptomycin and cyclosporin A. Best of all, the analysis is performed using LC/MS compatible conditions for improved selectivity and sensitivity!

For further information on YMC-Triart Bio columns, please see our download below.


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