YMC i-Mail February 2024

Technical Note

Why pore size determines the productivity of your process

To all RP and NP enthusiasts: We have a new Technical Note for you on how to choose the right pore size. Why is this important? The right pore size leads to better chromatographic performance of your stationary phase!

The smaller the pore size, the larger is the specific surface area of the stationary phase. This determines the loadability and the interaction with the target substance. It is therefore important that the size of the pore is matched to the size of the target molecule. This Technical Note assists you in the correct selection of the pore size and helps to optimise the chromatographic performance of the phase. You will also find many practical examples and valuable tips for scale-up.

Scaling up to larger scales is now very easy and fast. Use the YMC Scale-Up Calculator to calculate chromatographic parameters such as flow rate or required amount of packing material. Simply fill in the input fields with the appropriate values and the parameters you are looking for will be generated automatically.

Also useful: select the appropriate (semi)preparative columns directly on our overview page afterwards.

Click below for the scale-up calculator or contact YMC for more information!