YMC i-Mail November 2023

Technical Note

Ideal AEX-MS method for a comprehensive charge variant characterisation of IgG4-based mAbs!

More and more IgG4-based monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with lower pIs (< 8) are now being developed. Therefore, anion exchange chromatography (AEX) is a promising alternative approach to the commonly used cation exchange chromatography (CEX) for IgG1-based mAbs.

This technical note demonstrates the successful application of AEX-MS for the charge variant analysis of different IgG4-based mAbs using a BioPro IEX QF column. The AEX method shows overall better separation and provides additional information.

The resolution can be further improved by lowering the pI with PNGase F-mediated deglycosylation. In addition, critical Fc quality attributes can be monitored. This means that with this method, complex and time-consuming peptide mapping is no longer necessary.

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Troubleshooting Guide

Get your (U)HPLC methods back on track with YMC’s (U)HPLC Troubleshooting Guide

This handbook is the perfect companion on your way to trouble-free routine results.

Its 40 pages are full of helpful tables, preventative measures and tips to eliminate unwanted effects on your analyses. The (U)HPLC Troubleshooting Guide provides an easy breakdown of possible solutions to the most common problems in analytical liquid chromatography.

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A Virtual Symposium

On-Demand: Informative talks from LCGC’s Separation Science — The State Of The Art in Life Science Analysis

On October 18th and 19th LCGC’s virtual symposium Separation Science - The State of The Art in Life Science Analysis took place.

Did you miss it? No worries!

All talks are available on demand. In addition to interesting talks from several scientists watch YMC’s talk Improving chromatographic results by the use of bioinert column hardware and learn more about:

  • Which biomolecules tend to interact with metal surfaces.
  • How bioinert column hardware can improve your analysis.

What the differences are between the hardware options and how to select the most suitable.