New design: manuals for YMC Pilot glass columns

New and updated manuals for the YMC Pilot glass column line, are now available:

The following topics are described concisely in an easy to access format:

  • Operation
  • Column packing
  • Specifications and chemical resistance
  • General safety instructions and personnel protective equipment
  • Delivery and transport

Of course, the manuals are delivered with every column in the documentation folder but you can also download the digital version via our website.

How column packing influences the efficiency of the overall process

As column packing is an essential step in processes where self-packed glass pilot columns are used, the column hardware contributes to the efficiency of the overall process.

With the correctly selected pilot column:

  • considerable time is saved during column packing and unpacking
  • the appropriate column hardware leads to an optimum packing quality and performance.

Easy and fast column packing is essential for the packing quality and therefore for an efficient process.

Read here how the YMC PilotPLUS columns can increase your efficiency!

Glass Column Packing Service: Save time and order prepacked glass columns!

Are you lacking the time to pack your column?
Or do you have insufficient experience?
Here is the solution!
Rely on the experience of YMC and use prepacked glass columns. Our packing expertise is your advantage. You may choose from the following packing services for:

  • new columns in standard and custom dimensions
    Depending on your required bed length, you can choose a column from our standard range. If you can’t find a suitable standard product, we will gladly discuss with you the possibility of a customized column.
  • refilling of your used column
    Do you need to refill your existing YMC glass column? This service can be combined with maintenance of your glass column (e.g. changing of frits and pressure testing), if desired.
  • stationary phases from YMC or from other suppliers
    Is your method restricted to the use of a specific stationary phase? Of course, we can pack your glass column according to your needs, using stationary phases manufactured either by YMC or by any other producer.


Here is how it works:

  1. You provide us with your requirements regarding the column hardware, stationary phase, packing parameters (e.g. bed length) and column performance.
  2. According to your needs, you will receive the corresponding quotation, including prices for column hardware, bulk material, consumables and work. If the stationary phase is not manufactured by YMC, please provide it for the packing service.
  3. The packing process is carried out according to routine procedures. Subsequent column testing will confirm that the required column performance has been achieved. SOPs and our experience make sure that your column will be of the highest quality.
  4. The column is released according to your specifications.
  5. Packaging according to SOPs guarantees that your column will be shipped safely to your laboratory.

You find all details summarised in our Packing Service Flyer.