YMC i-Mail July 2023

Technical Note

How resin packing properties determine excellent chromatographic performance

Excellent resin packing properties are the key to efficient chromatographic performance and high productivity. In this Technical Note, the packing properties of BioPro IEX resins are presented. BioPro IEX resins are based on robust hydrophilic polymethacrylate beads and can be easily packed under 100% aqueous conditions – which facilitate any packing process and saves costs and resources. In addition, high slurry concentrations are possible if required.

The data shows impressively that due to the high mechanical stability BioPro IEX resins provide excellent chromatographic performance, even after multiple repacking!



Helpful and easy scale-up calculator

Scaling up to larger scales is now very easy and fast. Use the YMC Scale-Up Calculator to calculate chromatographic parameters such as flow rate or required amount of packing material. Simply fill in the input fields with the appropriate values and the parameters you are looking for will be generated automatically.

Also useful: select the appropriate (semi)preparative columns directly on our overview page afterwards.


Click here for the scale-up calculator