Technical Note: How to improve a peptide purification process?

The influence of the stationary phase on the overall productivity

Are you working with peptides? You want to overcome typical issues and increase your productivity?

Preparative high-scale purifications are complex processes with many factors influencing the success. The most important one is the selection of the stationary phase. With this technical note you have a compact guideline how to increase the outcome of such a process.

Learn more how these factors can elevate your productivity.

High resolution purifications for R&D

The high frequency of small scale purifications in R&D creates special demands on the separation methods and equipment required. Versatility, resolution and speed are essential in order to achieve a rapid and universal separation of the target compounds.

Therefore, YMC has developed a new 7 µm phase to speed up such routine purifications. This new phase is based on the successful YMC-Triart Prep phase. Due to its versatile selectivity and the reproducibility, YMC-Triart Prep C18-S is the first choice for the development of universal purification methods. Such methods simplify the daily work in R&D to achieve rapid separations of a broad variety of targets – usually on the first attempt.