Online Presentation

Dr Daniela Held

Light scattering as an additional detection technique

In this online presentation, Dr Daniela Held from PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH in Mainz explains light scattering as an additional detection technique in detail. With this technique, particularly large molecules can be detected very sensitively. Dr Held puts light scattering in the context of the complementary MS technique. The lecture begins with a short introduction and relevant definitions of terms. In the further course of the presentation, Dr Held explains the detection method of light scattering in detail and, among other things, the influence of experimental parameters on the results and limitations of the technique.

Dr Daniela Held, PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH, Mainz

Daniela Held studied chemistry at the University of Mainz. She carried out her doctorate, in which she worked on the characterisation of branched macromolecules using light scattering detectors and viscometers, at the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. She has worked at PSS since 2000, initially as GPC/SEC support manager, and since 2007 as head of marketing and sales. Her responsibilities also include the PSS Training Academy and further education.