YMC i-Mail September 2023

Online seminar

Are you new to the field of preparative HPLC?

Do you want to learn how to develop a purification process?

Then, this training will be a very good introduction! You will learn all the important basics of preparative liquid chromatography:

  1. Method selection and optimisation on an analytical scale
  2. Determination of optimal loading
  3. Final scale-up

Your own process development work will be further supported by expert tips and examples of process optimisations.

Contents and Learning Objectives

  • Differences between analytical and preparative chromatography
  • Important preparative process parameters: purity, yield, and productivity – the “triangle” of preparative chromatography
  • Outline of preparative method development: three steps to your preparative method

Date: 18.10.2023, 10 am (CET), duration 2 hours

Price: 220 €/269 CHF p. P.

Including seminar documents and certificate of participation

You can find more information here and download the registration form below.


For all those involved in the method development of preparative processes!

The separation and purification of a substance is the central requirement in preparative LC. But how can you maximise your yields in a simple, cost- and time-efficient way? Use the practical Whitepaper on method development strategies for separation and purification via preparative LC. With the safe and comprehensive approach of linear scale-up, you can optimise your method and increase your productivity!

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