Your practical guide to process development LC

You want to get started right away, the first preparations have already been done and you may have already written down initial ideas for your preparation process. You know which chromatographic method is best (RP, NP, SEC, IEX?). The process scale is also known.

Therefore, this time your iMailer has the "Linear Scale-Up” guide" for you. This comprehensive overview of a linear scale-up guarantees the optimum results for your process development. In addition to theoretical aspects, a practical example that clearly shows how the capacity of a process can be increased is described.

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Practical support for your lab: Posters for preparative LC from YMC

Are you working with peptide purifications? Then, this YMC poster will provide you with valuable information for the entire method development process. A full scale-up including a column screening, several optimisation steps, and a final purification run was performed for the peptide Liraglutide.

Purification method development for Liraglutide
An entire peptide purification method development at a glance!

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