How to optimise your oligonucleotide analysis

Do you observe peak tailing in your oligonucleotide analysis? Or do you want to reduce carryover?
Oligonucleotide LC-analysis is a complex field of interest. Peaktailing, carryover and unresolved peaks are common challenges in this type of analysis. In this technical note, you will find helpful suggestions on how to optimise your oligonucleotide analysis by anion exchange (AEX) and ion-pairing reversed phase (IP-RP) chromatography. In addition to these tips you will find various examples of improved separation conditions.

If you want to learn more about the optimisation of oligonucleotide analyses, you can download the full technical note here.

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The results: BioPro IEX by YMC enables full flexibility and high productivity for the purification of antibodies!



Good news: Fast and native protein analyses using HIC

The analysis of biopharmaceutics such as antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCs) is improved by using HIC-LC. Under native LC conditions proteins keep their native structure that is important for the therapeutic use. Of course, short analysis times are important as well.
YMC has developed an ideal solution for this purpose. YMC’s BioPro HIC HT is specifically developed for:

  • Compatibility with all BioLC systems
  • Applications for ADCs and biopharmaceutics
  • Fast analyses with short run times

A very important aspect is fast method development. Therefore, very short columns with 33 mm length are available now, which still include the well known YMC reproducibility.

In order to receive more information on YMC HIC columns visit our homepage or download the YMC BioLC catalogue.