Interesting aspect for chiral separations: Same chiral selector, but not the same results!

A comprehensive screening setup is very important for the method development of chiral separations. It is the basis for the identification of the most suitable chiral selector. By having a wide selection of chiral phases included in the screening setup, chances are high of getting a successful separation of the chiral compounds.

If a chiral selector has proved to be suitable for the isolation of the desired compounds, the following approach is then of interest: A test of stationary phases from different manufacturers that are based on the same chiral selector. At first glance, this doesn't sound particularly obvious. But not only is the chiral selector crucial for an efficient separation; the base material also has a great influence on the actual separation.

An example from a true application shows this impressively: With CHIRAL ART from YMC, a significantly better separation and consequently also higher loading capacity was achieved. The chiral selector is the same, but the result is not the same! This small additional step can provide the decisive cost factor for truly efficient chiral purifications!

Discover more exciting application data in the product information describing efficient chiral purification.

Additionally, you’ll find useful information on all available chiral stationary phases with various chiral selectors.


Get support for your enantiomer separation!

Which chiral stationary phase separates the enantiomers oy my compound?

This question always arises at the beginning of developing a chiral chromatographic method. The complex mechanism based on different interactions with the stationary phase makes every method highly specific. Consequently, predictions are nearly impossible.

Instead, the answer is given by a screening of different chiral stationary phases. For this, you can rely on the free of charge service provided by YMC:

Send us your sample – we determine which of our CHIRAL ART stationary phases is suitable for your separation!

  • Screening of up to 7 chiral stationary phases
  • Success rate >90%
  • Method conditions according to your requirements: RP, NP or PO mode
  • Report including recommendations for further method development
  • CDA possible