YMC i-Mail November 2023

The high performance YMC-Triart Prep family at a glance!

This practical selection guide helps you to find the perfect YMC-Triart Prep phase for your purification. All the relevant information for the YMC-Triart Prep family has been summarised for you. The new selection guide provides everything about the properties of the different RP-phases, their hydrophobicity and the corresponding specifications. You can also find all the possible sampling options and ordering information.

With this useful tool, you can see at a glance which YMC-Triart Prep phase is right for your application!

Maximise the productivity of your process with a resin with high dynamic binding capacity!

In this Technical Note you will find all the important information on dynamic binding capacity (DBC). Why is DBC such an important factor in Downstream Processing? It determines the loadability of the resin: the higher the DBC, the more product can be loaded onto the resin, which in turn increases productivity. In this Technical Note you will also learn how DBC is determined and find lots of informative comparative data.

Benefit from the knowledge of the YMC experts today and download your personal copy,