YMC i-Mail May 2024

Made for each other: YMC HT and BioPro IEX

The stable design of the new glass column line enables operation at temperatures up to 70°C - with reliable and reproducible results. Thanks to its full compatibility with aqueous buffers and the metal-free flow path, YMC HT is ideally suited for the purification of oligonucleotides. In combination with the high-performance BioPro IEX resins, you can also perform demanding chromatographic separation tasks. The resin provides excellent resolution: even very similar impurities can be successfully separated.

Curious? You can find more information here.


UPDATE: the new BioPro IEX brochure from YMC is here!

The new brochure is packed with valuable application examples and useful tips for the purification of biomolecules - you can't afford to miss it. A great additional advantage: with the interactive QR codes you can obtain further detailed information with just one click. It's worth taking a look!