YMC i-Mail May 2023

Technical Note

Scalability of the BioPro IEX Resins

A major advantage of the YMC BioPro IEX resins is their full scalability. The elution order and retention times remain stable when using different particle sizes. This greatly facilitates up-scaling of downstream processes: process optimisation can be performed using analytical scale and then be transferred to production scale.
The identical chromatographic behaviour across the different particle sizes is shown for BioPro IEX S and BioPro IEX Q Resins. The appropriate particle size can be selected depending on the required resolution.

Increased yield in oligonucleotide purification by continuous chromatography!

MCSGP is an interesting alternative for purifying mixtures of substances where cost-effectiveness is important. In classic batch chromatography, purity and yield often compete with each other. In MCSGP applications, both are achieved simultaneously. Therefore, highly efficient stationary phases like YMC-Triart Prep C8-S are the perfect choice.
This paper shows convincing performance data for demanding oligonucleotide purifications: The yield can be increased up to 91.6 % at 94.2% purity! This eliminates the need for renewed chromatography and the QA effort is significantly reduced.

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You can download the paper