How loadability studies can improve your phase screening studies!

A successful process development starts with a phase screening. This is an efficient and reliable way to find the appropriate stationary phase. However, an additional aspect is most important for an optimal result: phase screening studies are typically carried out using analytical loadings. But for preparative scale processes, extremely high sample feeds are loaded onto the column. This of course can affect the chromatographic performance. Therefore, experts recommend consideration of this effect and to perform loadability studies directly after the initial phase screenings. During these studies, the phases are tested regarding their ability to tolerate extreme loadings. This second screening step enables a safe and reliable process development and leads to a robust method that is suitable for process scale.

Here, you’ll find a practical example: the loading at analytical scale shows no significant difference for both phases. Only higher loadings indicate that the overall productivity of this process can be increased by up to 40 %.

Download here your full expert tip and learn more about loadability studies within a phase screening.


NEW: Phenyl-modified phase for preparative LC!

For the purification of peptides, a phenyl-modified stationary phase provides an excellent alternative selectivity. The new YMC-Triart Prep Pheny-S additionally combines chemical and mechanical stability associated with other members of the YMC-Triart family.

You’ll find more detailed information including specifications and application data for the YMC-Triart Prep family here.