YMC i-Mail March 2024

Improve your untargeted polar metabolite profiling

In this Application Note you will learn how to make your analysis even more sensitive. The sample in this example is polar metabolites in human plasma using the advanced YMC Accura Triart Diol-HILIC column.

This method ensures the highest sensitivity and resolution of endogenous isomers. By using the bioinert-coated YMC Accura Triart Diol-HILIC column, conditioning is achieved quickly after just four injections. This guarantees consistent and reproducible results.

To access full details and gain a competitive edge in your field download the Application Note.

Find more information about bioinert coated YMC Accura columns here or the YMC BioLC catalogue.

This advances your DNA purity analysis: Efficient plasmid separation with HIC

Plasmid DNA (pDNA) isoforms such as linear, open circular and supercoiled conformations can be determined very well with HIC.

This application note provides you with important information on successful pDNA binding and precise separation. With an even faster flow rate, analysis times are also significantly reduced.

Download this Application Note to know more about pDNA isoform monitoring with HIC using the BioPro HIC BF column.

For more information on BioPro HIC columns please click here or check out the YMC BioLC catalogue.