YMC i-Mail March 2023

Product Information

Improving the downstream processing of plasma proteins

IEX is the ideal separation mode when it comes to the purification of plasma proteins. However, the resin used has to meet several requirements in order to cope with these challenging separations. Selectivity and pressure-flow-characteristics play an important role when considering the overall productivity of the process.

BioPro IEX resins are perfectly suited for this task. They provide:

  • High resolution due to their excellent selectivity for plasma proteins
  • Maximised productivity based on improved pressure-flow-characteristics
  • Easy process transfer from analytical to preparative scale

Get to know more about the purification of plasma proteins using BioPro IEX resins.

Fig.: Separation of proteins in human serum using a 5 µm BioPro AEX resin.

Practical support for your lab

Posters for preparative LC from YMC

With this poster you have all important information regarding the purification of oligonucleotides at a glance:

  • Several AEX and IP-RP applications, e.g. separation of PO/PS oligonucleotides
  • Optimisation methods for process scale
  • Detailed phase information for large scale processes

➡️ Download the poster and get to know more about AEX and IP-RP oligonucleotide purifications!