Desalting via Reversed Phase Chromatography

A new Technical Note for all those who are working on the purification of peptides and oligonucleotides!

As the purification requires the use of buffers and additives in the mobile phase, salts are present in the collected fractions that are however unwanted in the final product. Therefore, a desalting step is necessary as a post-separation treatment following the chromatographic purification.

YMC offers an economic solution for desalting via RP: YMC-Triart Prep C18-S allows both the chromatographic purification as well as the consecutive desalting step using the same column. Of course, this dual use of the one RP column saves both lab space and money.

Learn more about the principle of desalting via RP chromatography with the new Technical Note!


How additives can increase peptide purity

Everyone working with peptides knows that the purification is a challenging task! Due to the complexity of the impurity profile, standard methods may not be sufficient to achieve the criteria for purity and recovery. In these cases, additives such as salts can be highly beneficial.

This expert tip shows that the addition of salt to the mobile phase can massively improve the separation in an insulin purification process.

With the additive, the purity and recovery easily fulfilled the required process criteria! Download here the full expert tip.