All available YMC bulk phases at a glimpse!

For all preparative chromatography users interested in the opportunities with YMC: The new preparative stationary phase overview for RP-, NP- and chiral prep purifications.

Very handy: all relevant information selecting the best suitable stationary material for your purification – starting from base material to pH-stability. Furthermore, you find examples for typical applications. All available particle sizes and pore sizes are listed – choose the most appropriate for your application.

Your extra benefit: helpful information and calculations for process scale up on the second page!

Find your most suitable bulk stationary phase – with the new bulk stationary phase overview for RP-, NP- and chiral prep LC by YMC.

A great tool to plan your preparative LC processes: The YMC Scale up Calculator

Do you work in process development? And do you plan to scale up your process to a larger scale? Then, the YMC prep LC Scale up Calculator is a very helpful tool to support you!

All you have to do: fill in your current chromatographic parameters – particle size, column length and diameter – as well as your purification mode. Then add your desired scale up parameter.
Your Results: All necessary factors are calculated for your process – the amount of packing material, the optimal flow rate and much more.

Save time during linear scale up - Check out the YMC Scale up Calculator and directly get all the information you need!