New: quickguides for operating YMC lab scale glass columns are now available

For both laboratory scale glass column lines ECO and ECOPLUS, new quickguides are available.

The following topics are described handy and concisely:

  • Operation
  • Connection to the system
  • Specifications and chemical resistance
  • General safety instructions and personnel protective equipment
  • Delivery and transport

Of course, the quickguides are delivered with every column. You can download the digital version on our website, too.

Reliable glass columns from lab to pilot scale

From analysis to purification – the glass column portfolio from YMC provides the perfect solutions for your applications!

Long-lasting laboratory scale glass columns

  • ECO: Easy screw-lock system for quick operations
  • ECOPLUS: Faster runs due to high pressure limits

Reliable glass columns for pilot scale applications

  • YMC Pilot: Full resin compatibility – from BioLC to NP and RP applications
  • YMC PilotPLUS: Unique drain function for easy and bubble-free column packing

Easy connection of 10-32 fittings to your glass column

Here is the right adapter to connect 10-32 fittings with your laboratory scale glass column.

The adapter can be screwed in into the pistons fast and easy. This way, you can connect the 10-32 fitting with your column.
Did you know? Adapters for connecting M6 fittings are available, too. Contact us via email or telephone to find out more!