Helpful guide for method development in RP-(U)HPLC

Are you developing LC methods in RP mode? Are you looking for a systematic and easy approach?

With this YMC guide for method development in RP mode you only require three steps from screening to the final method.
Use our expert knowledge for the right choice of solvent:
How to select the right pH?
Which buffer to choose for LC-MS applications?

The guide is available in poster format so the guide will be ready at hand on your lab wall.

Download the poster “Reversed Phase Method Development” here or contact us to receive your personal copy.

Download your copy of YMC-Triart (U)HPLC Columns catalogue to receive more information and applications of the YMC-Triart




Long lasting (semi)-preparative columns for HPLC and SFC

Are you looking for (semi)-preparative HPLC or SFC columns? Are you searching for long lasting (semi)-preparative columns?

YMC-Actus columns have a significantly longer lifetime than conventional (semi)preparative columns.

Further highlights:

  • Effective purification method development
  • YMC-Triart and CHIRAL ART as ideal phases
  • SFC application and stability

Download the new YMC-Actus brochure and find out more!




High resolution purifications for R&D

The high frequency of small scale purifications in R&D creates special demands on the separation methods and equipment required. Versatility, resolution and speed are essential in order to achieve a rapid and universal separation of the target compounds.

Therefore, YMC has developed a new 7 µm phase to speed up such routine purifications. This new phase is based on the successful YMC-Triart Prep phase. Due to its versatile selectivity and the reproducibility, YMC-Triart Prep C18-S is the first choice for the development of universal purification methods. Such methods simplify the daily work in R&D to achieve rapid separations of a broad variety of targets – usually on the first attempt.




Make use of our seminar program and improve your skills!

We invite you to participate in the following seminar:

Glass Column Packing – Laboratory Scale and Pilot Columns
May 5th, 2020
Target Group: Glass column users with alternative qualifications (laboratory assistants, technicians, engineers, chemists)
Fee: 1,700 € p.p. plus VAT

The number of attendees is limited to 3 persons. Click here to sign up.
You will find detailed information here in our new seminar brochure.

If you have specific tasks, we would be pleased to offer you a tailor-made seminar package as a user-specific workshop.