YMC i-Mail June 2023

NEW Whitepaper

Analysis and purification of oligonucleotides with many valuable tips how to optimise loadability and scale-up!

This Whitepaper is an excellent guide for anyone involved in oligonucleotide analysis or purification. The focus is on anion exchange chromatography (AEX) and ion pair RP chromatography (IP-RP). In addition to important information on selecting the optimal stationary and mobile phase, you will also receive many useful tips on loadability and the scale-up process.


YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8

Tailored reversed phase material for peptide purification

Insulin manufacturers and YMC have developed a preparative stationary phase that meets the requirements of peptide purification processes. Due to high loadability combined with long column lifetime and the option of “cleaning-in-place”, operating costs are significantly reduced.

Find more information about YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8 in the following Application Note