Easy scale-up with YMC-Actus purification of 4 isomers using YMC-Actus Triart C18

YMC-Actus makes scale-up easy! One of YMC’s key users in France developed a purification method for four isomers using a 30 mm ID YMC-Actus column. During the method development on analytical scale YMC-Triart C18 turned out to be the ideal stationary phase since it showed sharp peaks and an excellent resolution. The high performance YMC-Actus hardware for (semi)-preparative applications made the scale-up easy and time-efficient.

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Do you want to know more about YMC-Actus columns? The YMC-Actus brochure and the YMC homepage provide more information on the (semi)-preparative hardware.


Quick reference sheet to compare with your (U)HPLC method parameters

In method transfer from HPLC to UHPLC methods, stationary phase particle size, column length and internal diameter usually change. But how do you ensure to still work at the optimal flow rate? Perhaps you’re scaling up from an analytical method to a semi-preparative one. But how do you keep the same retention times?

This expert tip provides a quick reference of common combinations for column dimensions and suitable method parameters to help chromatographers in method transfer, scaling, optimisation and troubleshooting.

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