New Tech Note: clever phase selection for alkaline CIP

Biomolecules can efficiently be purified via RP-LC. But the performance of the columns decreases over time due to unspecific adsorptions. Alkaline Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) cycles can help. Very important: only chemically stable stationary phases are suited for CIP.
Learn more about the stability towards alkaline CIP cycles in this new Tech Note:

  • CIP stability test using 0.1 M NaOH
  • Long-term study results
  • Common stationary phases

Great performance of YMC-Triart Prep in contrast to alternative materials – even after 300 CIP cycles! The result: YMC-Triart Prep is the first choice for the purification of biomolecules!


Your handy support for column packing – part II

Chromatographic glass columns have become more important also for RP and NP-separation. The stationary phases from YMC can easily be packed also in these columns – with great results!

All important considerations and calculations for packing your stationary phase into glass columns at a glimpse With this second new overview, you’ll get practical support readily to hand.

Teaser: Packing of YMC-Triart Prep into a 250 x 50 mm ID column including qualification!

Fig.: Separation of four hydrophilic dipeptides.