Minimise the carryover in oligonucleotide analysis!

Do you analyse oligonucleotides by AEX? Have you ever observed carryover?

Carryover is a commonly observed issue in oligonucleotide analysis by anion exchange chromatography (AEX). This Expert Tip shows the reduction in carryover by increasing the initial salt concentration. YMC’s BioPro IEX QF column is used which is a strong anion exchanger and therefore the ideal choice for the negatively charged oligonucleotides.

If you want to learn more about the improvement of carryover reduction, you get the full method details here.

YMC BioLC Catalogue with many interesting news

Do you work in the field of bio-separations? Are you interested in the best solution(s) for your analysis?

Then the YMC BioLC Catalogue is the ideal literature:

  • An overview of biomolecules and the column options that can be used.
  • Numerous state-of-the-art applications covering current substances as well as modern detection techniques, such as MS or MALLS.
  • Chapters for every separation mode with detailed specifications, product options and advantages for all YMC BioLC columns.
  • Several expert tips for the different separation modes.

The YMC BioLC Catalogue will assist you in choosing the right YMC BioLC solutions for your separations. Simply download your copy of the YMC BioLC Catalogue.

BioPro IEX columns are the ideal choice for your QC

IIf you are looking for ion exchange columns (IEX) that are ideal for quality control purposes, then YMC’s BioPro IEX columns have convincing properties. BioPro IEX columns provide high column stabilities and superior lot-to-lot reproducibility, which is definitely the most important argument for use in QC.

In addition, the strong non-porous exchanger columns BioPro IEX QF and BioPro SF offer outstanding efficiencies, so that even small sample variations can readily be detected. This makes release procedures safe and convenient. Additionally, fast analyses are possible due to the non-porous particle.

BioPro IEX columns are designed for analysing monoclonal antibodies, proteins and peptides as well as oligonucleotides with high resolutions.

Check out the new YMC BioLC Catalogue or visit our homepage to find out more about YMC’s BioPro IEX columns.