How to select the ideal column for your separation

Do you want to know how to choose the right column for your separation? Then check out our new technical note focusing on how to select the perfect LC column!

In this technical note, the differences in selectivity and resulting separation behaviour of various phases are shown. Primary and secondary interactions between the analyte and stationary phase are explained for each phase. Two application examples demonstrate how these interactions affect your analysis. You can download your copy here.

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Long lasting YMC-Actus (semi)preparative columns for HPLC and SFC

The best choice for (semi)preparative HPLC or SFC: YMC-Actus offering high-performance purifications and long column lifetime.

YMC-Actus highlights:

  • Significantly longer lifetime than conventional (semi)preparative columns
  • Effective high-throughput purification
  • and stable HPLC and SFC applications
  • RP, HILIC & Chiral LC

For further information about YMC-Actus (semi)prep columns, check out our new brochure or visit our homepage.