Reproducible IEX analysis of proteins and charge variants

Separation of oligonucleotides modified with disulfides

Due to the hydrophobic character of the disulfide units, a less hydrophobic stationary phase is necessary for the analysis of these modified oligonucleotides.
This application note shows how to achieve good peak shapes for the analysis of disulfide modified oligonucleotides using YMC-Triart Bio C4.
Download the application note with the full method details here.
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Cutting purification cost effectively

The efficiency of any purification is significantly influenced by the implemented stationary phase. A significant cost reduction is achieved with an increased column load. This is enabled by an improvement of separation by choosing an optimal selectivity. Furthermore, the amount of sorbent and the consumption of mobile phase can be reduced. In summary, an increased yield and improved product quality can be achieved.

YMC bulk material was tested alongside alternative phases in a study by a leading manufacturer. The aim of the study was an improvement of the existing insulin purification.

The superior selectivity of YMC-Triart Prep results in clear, economic advantages. In this study, the overall production costs for 1 kg insulin (purity ≥ 98.5%) were 19% lower compared to the alternative material!
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Expert tip: How to successfully pack glass columns with small inner diameter

Column packing methods can significantly affect column performance, depending on the column inner diameter. For instance, the wall effect has a strong influence when the column inner diameter is small. Therefore, it is important to evaluate in detail such packing parameters that can influence column performance.
The column packing team of YMC has investigated the influence of

  • rate of compression and packing flow rate
  • salt concentration of packing solvent
  • slurry concentration

on the quality of a packed column. Here you can find out what influence the different packing parameters can have on column quality and how a simple column packing procedure can be derived.




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