BioPro IEX Resins facilitate upscaling of preparative processes

BioPro IEX: Designed for Bioseparations
Modern industrial biochromatography faces increasingly complex target compounds and multi-stage purification procedures. This creates special requirements for the chosen ion exchange (IEX) media as well as their suppliers. The desired partner is one who combines the qualities of a comprehensive product range with a reliable, flexible and efficient solution for the overall separation process. This solution has to be flexibly scalable to the process scale that is required. Thereby, chemical and chromatographic properties have to remain constant, in order to avoid the necessity of a repeated method optimization.

YMC BioPro IEX resins fulfill these demands with maximum resolution, capacity and recovery for each particle size throughout the purification process. The renowned product support responds to your requests in a professional, quick manner and supports throughout the entire product lifecycle - also in technical aspects.

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Customer Experience: The Advantage of YMC-Triart Metal-free Columns

One of YMC’s key users has assessed the use of YMC’s metal-free columns for their purposes. They compared a YMC-Triart C18 column in standard stainless steel hardware with a metal-free YMC-Triart C18 column.

A standard small molecule as well as a substance with a chelating effect was used to demonstrate the specific requirements for metal-free column hardware. The results obtained demonstrate the massive influence of the column hardware on the analysis of sensitive compounds such as coordinating substances.

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Fairs and exhibitions

Also this year YMC Europe is represented at important fairs, congresses and symposia and informs about new YMC products, services and topical branch trends.We would be pleased to welcome you as a guest at our booth.

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YMC Seminars 2019

For many years, YMC has relied on its profound knowledge in all fields of liquid chromatography. This can be available to broaden your own skill levels: Improve your skills and make use of our seminar program!
Select the seminar(s) most suitable for your needs. All topics are chosen to meet specific practical needs and modern chromatography subjects:

  • Preparative Chromatography – Process Development and Scale-up
  • Glass Column Packing – Laboratory Scale and Pilot Columns
  • Method Development in Chiral Chromatography

If you would like to address specific tasks, we will be happy to supply a tailored training session, e.g. a special seminar for you. For example, you can choose from the following topics:

  • Phase Selection
  • Basics of HPLC
  • Method Development
  • HPLC Troubleshooting

Seminar documents, your certificate and refreshments are included.
Of course, you can also book a seminar on your site!
Choose from our seminar program or select from further topics. The date, location and number of attendees can be arranged according to your requests.
Your advantages:

  • Duration and topics by agreement
  • Date and location by agreement
  • Flexible number of attendees
  • Fixed coasts

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