Increase your process productivity

The use of mechanically stable stationary phases is an im­portant economic aspect in LC-process productivity. A rigid material can be used for longer times and repacked more often - this of course directly increases the productivity!

This technical note includes practical studies demonstrating the advantages of the hybrid-silica based YMC-Triart Prep for efficient and robust purification processes:

  • High mechanical stability for frequent repacking
  • Lower backpressures
  • Extended lifetimes and higher flow rates possible

Download here the full version of the technical note and learn more about the packing characteristics of YMC-Triart Prep!


How good resin packing properties can improve your downstream process!

The packing properties of a resin is an important topic! They have a significant impact on the overall downstream process, because they determine the chromatographic performance.

To address this aspect, a new technical note about the packing of the BioPro IEX resin manufactured by YMC into laboratory glass columns is now available.

This practical study demonstrates the excellent and reproducible packing characteristics of the BioPro IEX resins.