YMC’s New SEC column for Antibodies Nominated for Best New Separations Product in the Scientists’ Choice Awards®!

Scientists worldwide are being invited to have their say in the Scientists’ Choice Awards® for the Best New Separations Product of 2018. The annual SelectScience Scientists' Choice Awards celebrate the industry’s best and most effective technologies and give scientists the chance to recognize the top new products which have most advanced their work.
YMC is delighted to announce that - thanks to our loyal users - the YMC-SEC MAB size exclusion chromatography column has been nominated in the Separations category!
Now it’s time for voting and you can cast your vote for
YMC-SEC MAB here (Voting closes on March 8, 2019).
As a thank you for their time and insight, all scientists who vote will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a 450 € Amazon Gift Card with SelectScience!
The all new YMC-SEC MAB is a phase dedicated for antibodies, their monomers, fragments as well as aggregates. It is designed to separate high and low molecular weight ranges (10-700 kDa). High column stability is provided as well as excellent reproducibility, which is guaranteed!
Check out the brand new YMC BioLC handbook to discover more about YMC-SEC MAB.



Easy Selection of Your Ideal BioLC Column with the New YMC BioLC Handbook!

Are you working in the field of bio-separations? You want to identify the best solution for your analysis?

With YMC´s new BioLC handbook you receive an excellent resource for column selection dedicated to BioLC. All important modes are covered: RP-, IEX-, SEC- and HIC.

Moreover, your new catalogues give handy guideline to:

  • An overview of possible separation modes for the corresponding substance type
  • An introduction into the different BioLC separation modes
  • Various Applications for the different substance types, all with a clear mark for the used separation mode
  • Detailed chapters for every separation mode and examples for all YMC BioLC products 
  • Expert tips for the different separation modes

The YMC BioLC manual will support you in choosing the right BioLC solutions for your tasks. Simply download your version of the YMC BioLC handbook.




How to increase the productivity in your preparative processes!

Robust stationary phases
Downstream processing by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography typically requires consecutive injections of feed stock with significant contents of matrix constituents. In order to avoid the buildup of excessive backpressure, the column has to be regularly cleansed of the latter contaminants. Such cleaning-in-place (or CIP) procedures employ elevated pH conditions that place special demands towards the employed stationary phase.

While common silica-based particles are prone to degradation under such conditions and require regular replacement, hybrid silica-based YMC-Triart Prep exhibits excellent stability at high pH ensuring reproducible results and longevity of the column packing. In combination with utmost mechanical robustness as a further quality of such materials, this results in a significant overall increase in productivity and efficiency, avoiding downtimes and additional cost by regular re-packing of columns.

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