YMC i-Mail December 2023

Expert Tip

A hidden cause for peak tailing of small acidic compounds

Peak tailing, loss of recovery, ghost peaks and retention time shifts over time can arise due to corrosion of metal parts. These effects predominantly occur with acidic molecules and with substances that may undergo metal-catalysed reactions such as oxidation.

What is the solution? This valuable Expert Tip assists with:

  • Understanding expected interactions between metal ions and small acidic molecules
  • Identifying sources and promoting factors of metal corrosion
  • Optimising peak shape and restoring the chromatographic results

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Application Note

This is worth reading – A new application for complex carotenoid isomer mixtures

An optimised separation of up to 48 carotenoids was successfully achieved using a reliable YMC Carotenoid column with C30 modification. This allowed a mixture of stereomutated carotenoid standards to be detected at different wavelengths.

The success of this method was confirmed with a human plasma sample. 24 h after the consumption of carotenoid-containing vegetables and fruits, several known carotenoids as well as three unidentified peaks were detected.

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