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Order glass columns now, have them delivered in 2023 and this at secured 2022 prices. Is this possible? Yes, with YMC!

Suitable solutions for your projects and applications are what pushes us every day. In these difficult times we are at your side, too. Therefore, use the opportunity until the beginning of 2023 to schedule your projects with us. Order your glass columns before 28.02.2023 with confirmed prices and define the delivery date in 2023 you require.

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Reliable and long-lasting: YMC glass columns

Are you looking for new column hardware for your applications? Regardless of whether it is lab or pilot scale, for BioLC or RP applications – we will find the optimum solution for you.
Get a first impression with the overviews of our 4 column lines.


Glass columns with 10-80 mm ID for low and medium pressure applications


Glass columns with 5-50 mm ID for medium and high pressure applications

YMC Pilot:

The glass column line with the flexibility and option for customisation


Biocompatible glass columns for use in GMP processes with 70-200 mm ID


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Expert tip: Better separation results with the right column hardware

In liquid chromatography, an even flow distribution is crucial for column packing and the final column performance.

Our brand new product information demonstrates the importance of the appropriate column hardware for this.

Fig.: Direct comparison of the chromatograms obtained between an ECO column with frits (left) and an alternative column with nets (right).