Everything about column packing in just a few clicks: The new calculators from YMC

If you want to pack your glass or pilot column, thorough planning is half the way to the finishing line. In the process the following questions need to be addressed:

  • How much resin and solvent will be needed?
  • What is the volume corresponding to bed length?
  • Is a packing adapter required?
  • What flow rate needs to be set?
  • How much time does it take?

You will find your answers quickly and easily using the:

Simply enter your requirements and you will automatically obtain all the relevant information you need for preparing your packed column.

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How to successfully pack glass columns with small inner diameter

Column packing methods can significantly affect column performance, depending on the column inner diameter. For instance, the wall effect has a strong influence when the column inner diameter is small. Therefore, it is important to evaluate in detail such packing parameters that can influence column performance.

The column packing team of YMC has investigated the influence of

  • rate of compression and packing flow rate
  • salt concentration of packing solvent
  • slurry concentration

on the quality of a packed column.

Here you can find out what influence the different packing parameters can have on column quality and how a simple column packing procedure can be derived.