YMC i-Mail August 2023

Technical Note

Extended Temperature Stability of BioPro IEX SmartSep Resins

For more flexibility in method development!

Temperature is a useful parameter to improve resolution and therefore the productivity of the whole process. Due to the extended temperature stability of BioPro IEX SmartSep resins they can be used at temperatures of up to 60 °C!

This offers greater flexibility in method development and simplifies more difficult separations of e.g. oligonucleotides. This Technical Note demonstrates that BioPro IEX resins maintain their excellent performance – even at elevated temperatures!




Application Note

Off the beaten track: Purification of carotenoids using normal phase

Carotenoids exhibit high hydrophobicity. Therefore, reversed phases with C18 or C30 modifications are usually used for their purification. This Application Note shows that, with the suitably optimised method, normal phases can also provide a viable alternative. In this study, a NP purification strategy was developed for five different carotenoids with a target purity of 95%.