Your handy support for column packing – part III

This helpful overview is a must-have for anyone packaging soft gels in glass columns!

In addition to useful tips and calculations that are important for packing YMC’s IEX resins this handy support provides a great practical example: packing of BioPro IEX SmartSep S30 into a 15 mm ID column with 10 cm bed height.

For those who work with RP or NP stationary phases: you’ll find your practical packing support in part I and part II!


Practical support for your lab: Posters for preparative LC from YMC

This poster is for all preparative LC experts working with biomolecules. Prepared by experts from YMC this poster will provide you with a readily accessible practical guide for your work. Learn how to improve the efficiency and productivity of your purification processes:

Purification of biomolecules using IEX
All important aspects of IEX resins for efficient Downstream Processing at a glance!