HIC columns for reliable high throughput analyses!

Analysis of commercial monoclonal antibodies by microLC-MS/MS

Are you required to analyse very small sample amounts? Or do you need to analyse very low concentrations of antibodies in different kinds of matrices?
By using of microLC-MS/MS, only a very small amount of valuable samples, e.g. solutions prepared for patient application (usually a dilution of the dosage form), is required to identify and quantify. In addition, microLC-MS/MS can also be used to monitor residues on surfaces or materials in hospitals, pharmacies or laboratories that prepare solutions for patient application.
In this application note, YMC-Triart Bio C4 is used in YMC capillary column format to analyse and identify intact commercial MAbs, such as rituximab (MabThera®) or bevacizumab (Avastin®), by microLC-MS/MS.

You can download the application note with the full method details here.
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On-demand webinar: Learn how experts enrich and isolate product-related impurities!

N-Rich-Automated process of enriching side fraction and impurities.

Regulatory guidelines such as ICH Q6B and ICH Q3A (R2) require isolation and characterisation of product-related impurities.

The preparation of analytical standards and preparative isolation of impurities closely related to the product, especially for biopharmaceuticals is a laborious task. It is not only very challenging but also consumes considerable time and personal.

Contichrom systems with integrated N-Rich technology automatically separate and deliver enriched impurities overnight and minimizes the number of samples to be analysed. Even complex samples can be processed quickly.

The on-demand webinar provides an introduction to the invaluable method of N-Rich and shows application examples for isolation of monoclonal antibody isoforms and peptide impurities.


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New Phase Overview: Preparative LC

More flexibility for the development of IEX processes

BioPro IEX: Designed for Bioseparations

BioPro IEX SmartSep resins offer the perfect solution for challenging separations. With the high binding capacity and recovery, the resins allow high-throughput purifications and increased productivity. Easy elution of target compounds improves the whole process.

One of the advantages of YMC’s BioPro IEX resins is its full scalability. This property provides an identical chromatographic behaviour across all particle sizes. This is beneficial, as separation and fractionation can be optimised on the analytical scale. Depending on the required resolution the optimal bead size can be selected. Then, the process can be reliably transferred to the production scale. This enables highly flexible implementation of BioPro IEX resins, resulting in a perfectly tailored solution.

An illustrated example is depicted below for the three enzymes ribonuclease, cytochrome c and lysozyme. This shows that the separation of the main peaks remains stable across the four different particle sizes. If the highest resolution is required, 10 μm particles are the optimum choice. 10 μm particles allow the isolation of trace impurities. During a capturing process the 75 μm material demonstrates adequate separation. The three main peaks are well separated.

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