YMC i-Mail April 2024

Optimise your IP-RP separation of oligonucleotides

This compact guide summarises all the important aspects for the precise separation of protected and unprotected single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides. You have a clear overview of all the essentials:

  1. Proven strategies for high resolution and sensitivity.
  2. Information on the selection of the appropriate ion pairing agent.
  3. Influence of column hardware and temperature.

A teaser in advance: The new bioinert-coated YMC Accura Triart C18 column is also an absolute gain for your analysis.
You can download the Technical Note below to unlock your full potential.

For further oligonucleotide applications look homepage or download the YMC Oligonucleotide Columns brochure.


Fig.1: Optimum chromatographic results for Trityl-ON (above) and Trityl-OFF (below).

The easy way to extend the shelf life of your mobile phase

For all IP-RP users who work with alkylamines in the mobile phase, this expert tip summarises strategies for extending the stability of the mobile phase. They are all very simple and very effective measures.

The best part: Reliable MS sensitivity for reproducible results. Download the Expert Tip!


Robust bioinert columns for a new level of recovery: YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns

The new YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns ensure exceptionally high recoveries. They are the ideal choice for challenging analyses of:

  • Oligonucleotides and nucleotides,
  • Antibodies,
  • Proteins and peptides.

Your benefits from using YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns:
The columns provide very sharp peaks with high sensitivities due to an efficient bioinert surface coating of the column body and frits. YMC Accura BioPro IEX columns are the 1st choice for high resolution analysis of oligonucleotides, antibodies, and proteins – especially when coupled with mass spectrometry.

Their non-porous hydrophilic polymer beads enable high efficiencies and high throughput analyses. The superior lot-to-lot reproducibility guarantees highly reliable results.

Get to know more about the bioinert IEX columns on our dedicated YMC Accura BioPro IEX website or check out the brand new flyer.


Fig.1: Optimum chromatographic results for Trityl-ON (above) and Trityl-OFF (below).