YMC i-Mail April 2024

Innovative Anion Exchange Resin for the Purification of Large Biomolecules

MacroSep IEX Q is the new strong anion exchange resin, tailor-made for the purification of large biomolecules such as viral vectors and plasmid DNA. The optimised macro-porous structure ensures efficient purification of these molecules. With its high dynamic binding capacity for large particles and molecules and outstanding separation efficiency even at high flow rates, MacroSep IEX Q is a perfect addition to your DSP platform.

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New seminar:

Development of chromatographic methods in DSP

This seminar will provide the basics of chromatographic methods used for the purification of biomolecules such as proteins and antibodies during downstream processing (DSP). In addition to the different separation modes, all important parameters for an efficient process development from small scale to the final scale will be discussed.
Date: 13.05.2024, 11 am (CEST), duration 2 hours
Online seminar via Cisco Webex
Price: 235 € / 285 CHF per participant, including seminar documents and certificate of participation

Hands-on workshop: Glass column packing in laboratory scale

This workshop will enable you to pack laboratory scale glass columns with a biochromatography resin. The principles of preparation, packing methods and column qualification discussed in the theoretical part will directly be practiced in the laboratory by flow-packing. Helpful tips for troubleshooting and column maintenance will complement the workshop.

15.–16.05.2024; end of workshop around noon of the second day
Location: YMC Europe GmbH, Schöttmannshof 19, 46539 Dinslaken, Germany
Price: 1,200 € / 1,400 CHF per participant, including seminar documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks, travel and accommodation cost are not included.