Find the perfectly matched glass column

With these new overviews you are able to select the perfect column quickly and easily!

The overviews are available for laboratory to pilot scale glass columns for self-packing.
In just one glance you can find:

  • Available column sizes and configurations
  • Compatibility information: making sure about chemical resistance
  • Specifications: making sure other requirements are met

Do you need any more assistance? Contact us and we will gladly help to find the perfect match for your application together.


Step-by-Step Guide to packing a laboratory scale glass columns

Soft gel resins are particularly easy to pack into YMC glass columns.
Regardless of the choice of resin, YMC laboratory scale glass columns can be fully packed in just three consecutive steps!

So that you can pack your columns quickly and reproducibly in your lab, a detailed step-by-step manual is now available: From preparation and column packing to testing and qualification, all the important aspects are illustrated clearly.



Fig.: Separation of four hydrophilic dipeptides.