New stationary LC-phase for aromatic peptides!

A must-have for every phase screening for peptide purifications: YMC-Triart Prep Phenyl-S!

This new stationary phase is based on the YMC-Triart Prep-technology including all its advantages:
increased lifetime due to high chemical and mechanical stability and compatibility with alkaline regeneration conditions.
This allows for more flexibility in process development and for effective CIP-procedures!

Find more information and all the relevant specifications for the new flyer YMC-Triart Prep Phenyl-S.

Get your handy phase overview for YMC prep resins!

All the relevant information you need for your bioseparations at a glance:
Base material, particle sizes and CIP-stability.

Additionally, you’ll find examples of typical applications and
the recommended DSP-step for the individual resins.

Take a look on the second page:
an overview of the available sample options will help you to find your best option with YMC – bulk samples for self-packing or pre-packed columns formats.

IEX, SEC or RPC: find your best fit for your efficient DSP – with the new
overview of YMC resins for preparative bioseparations.