Handy accessory: Packing adapters for packing glass columns

A packing adapter is a valuable addition for your glass column. Because who does not know when during packing, the required slurry volume can easily exceed the volume of the column. Here, the packing adapter is a handy accessory for the additional capacity needed. Nothing will block the column packing anymore. With the packing adapter, the column delivers sufficient volume so that every slurry can be packed with confidence.

Especially handy: Of course, for each ECO and ECOPLUS column there is a suitable packing adapter. This guarantees that for every column ID, the optimum packing results are achieved.

As if that isn’t enough: the easy, tool-free assembly and the robust design for long-lasting use make it suitable for the daily lab routine!

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Expert tip: Easy method transfer from analytic to preparative LC

One major pharmaceutical company had the task of developing an easy method for transferring analytical methods to preparative scale. The aim was to receive efficient separations of isomeric forms in analytical as well as in preparative scale. Therefore, the method was developed on the analytical scale first. Afterwards, the purification in preparative scale was performed with pre-packed glass columns.

The example shows that pre-packed glass columns are the perfect solution for the purification of an API isomer in a crude mixture. The excellent chemical resistance enables the use of high pH and strong organic solvents.
But that’s not all:

  • Higher pressure limits: Increased flow rates can be applied for improved throughput
  • Full scalability: Due to excellent packing results, reliable scalability during scale-up
  • Superior column performance: High resolution separation of the E/Z isomers

For more details please see the product information all details of the study and the results

Step-by-Step Guide to packing a laboratory scale glass columns

Step-by-Step Guide to packing a laboratory scale glass columns

Soft gel resins are particularly easy to pack in combination with YMC glass columns.
Regardless of the choice of resin, YMC laboratory scale glass columns are fully packed in just three consecutive steps!
So that you can pack your columns quickly and reproducibly in your lab, a detailed step-by-step manual is now available: From preparation and column packing to testing and qualification, all important aspects are illustrated clearly.
Download here: the guide with all the information and detailed explanations.