SEC separation of the ADC Brentuximab Vedotin from its aggregates and fragments

Comparably crucial to drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) evaluation, fragmentation and aggregation of ADCs have to be monitored. Given that, it is important for QC purposes to obtain an appropriate resolution of the high and low molecular weight range. If fragmentation and/or aggregation is of interest, size exclusion chromatography (SEC) is the mode of choice.

In this application note the ADC is separated from an aggregate and a fragment peak using the YMC-SEC MAB column. Two different mobile phases with different chaotropic salts as well as with and without organic solvents are applied. Both mobile phases offer comparably satisfying resolutions.

Download the application note to get the full method details.

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Do you analyse monoclonal antibodies via CEX? Are you interested in using a MS compatible method?

Do you analyse monoclonal antibodies via CEX? Are you interested in using a MS compatible method?
Read this application note, which shows how to analyse charge variants of 28 different commercial MAbs under MS compatible conditions! Each MAb with different isoelectric points between 6.1 and 9.4 was separated from acidic and basic variants.
Download the full method details here.

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Robust (U)HPLC columns for large proteins and antibodies

Are you looking for robust and reproducible columns to analyse larger proteins?
Do you want to separate intact antibodies with high resolution?

Robust YMC-Triart Bio C4 columns are the perfect choice for reliable and reproducible (U)HPLC analyses of large proteins or antibodies with exceptional resolution. The wide temperature- (up to 90°C) and pH-range (1-10) provides increased flexibility. Full MS compatibility is guaranteed due to optimised behaviour using MS compatible eluents as well as virtually no bleeding. Optionally available metal-free bioinert hardware inhibits unwanted interactions and ensures highly sensitive analyses.

Features of YMC-Triart Bio C4 columns are:

  • Superior lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • High sensitivity due to full MS compatibility and optional bioinert hardware
  • Extremely robust and long lasting

Check out YMC’s BioLC catalogue or visit our homepage to discover more about YMC-Triart Bio C4 or find helpful applications.